Citi and ThankYou Profile Management Fail

Citi rolled out the ThankYou rewards program recently to a credit card also issued by Citi. Users can manage their profiles in this loyalty program on the ThankYou website. Unfortunately, the registration process comes with an unexpected twist.

USPS Package Tracking Leaves A Lot To Be Desired

Several months ago I signed up My USPS notifications so that I get tracking update on packages sent to my home address. I loved the idea as it should not require any manual entry from my behalf: I would just get automatically notified when a piece of mail is heading to my address. I actually requested status updates for all activity, which was probably a bad idea as you can see below.

Broken E-mail Address Validation at T-Mobile

I can hardly believe how the team at T-Mobile could miss such an obvious problem on the new user registration page.

Why does American Express send confirmation messages at midnight?

Monday night my phone started beeping shortly after midnight. It was a text message from American Express confirming that I successfully enabled account alerts. I do not mind confirmation messages except that I signed up for alerts a week earlier and I have already received a message saying that account alerts are now active. I do not understand why a second message was necessary.