E-Receipts at The Fresh Market Make Checkout a Breeze

On a recent visit to Cary, NC, I visited a local The Fresh Market grocery store a few times. The new e-receipt system is a win-win for both customers and the business.

Walmart Pay Puts A Spotlight On Customer Identity Management Weaknesses

The recently introduced Walmart Pay service shows great promise as the company tries to compete with other online retailers, such as Amazon. I am delighted to see this effort towards providing better customer experience. After trying out the service and seeing how it ties into my only customer profile, it led me to conclude that the company has a lot to improve to protect its consumers.

Amazon Payment Methods Flawed

I recently received a message from Amazon’s Web Services, informing me that they weren’t able to charge my credit card that was on file. I found this surprising as I ordered a product off of Amazon.com the day before with no problem — so what went wrong?

Registration at Wells Fargo Displays Social Security Number

While going through the registration pages at the Wells Fargo site, I noticed that the Social Security Number field is not masked.