Amazon Payment Methods Flawed

I recently received a message from Amazon’s Web Services, informing me that they weren’t able to charge my credit card that was on file. I found this surprising as I ordered a product off of the day before with no problem — so what went wrong?

The “Your Account” tab makes it obvious that users can have and likely will have multiple accounts, revealing the simple reason why this issue occurred. Amazon treats the Web Services as a separate account with separate payment information.

Like many large corporations, Amazon offers multiple useful services that are not synchronized. I have already given them my name, credentials, details, etc. Yet, the company fails to share that data throughout all the accounts that fall under my name. For instance, if my credit card number were to change, I’d have to update that information individually throughout all of my accounts!

This failed payment shows how meticulous one has to be with their flawed system. To make it more straightforward for the consumers and likely for the company itself, Amazon needs to default to the same payment method across all these channels. It makes blatantly perfect sense to the users, but has failed to cross the minds at Amazon.