Citi and ThankYou Profile Management Fail

Citi rolled out the ThankYou rewards program recently to a credit card also issued by Citi. Users can manage their profiles in this loyalty program on the ThankYou website. Unfortunately, the registration process comes with an unexpected twist.

Even though both Citi credit cards as well as the ThankYou Rewards Program are owned and run by Citigroup, user profiles are likely kept in separate systems. This is not surprising at all at larger corporations. Separate silos of user data can, however, create an odd experience for consumers. The ThankYou program rollout is a clear manifestation of this problem.

During the registration process in the ThankYou program - my profile data from the credit card system was used to populate my ThankYou profile. Editing the profile on the ThankYou website displayed an awkward warning that no customer should ever see.

ThankYou profile warning

It is obvious that during the registration process, the ThankYou site did not track where the profile data has come from. Otherwise, why would it display a warning that points back to six different, Citi-owned websites?

Isn't this just a littlebit odd that I could have - for example - a different last name in my ThankYou profile and in the linked credit card even though both services are offered by Citi? This just does not make any sense to me. I do not care how many divisions and services Citi has. I do not want to know how many different user profiles the company has about me. There is only one me and I would prefer to make changes to my user profile at most once per company (and not once per business unit).